What is a Conveyancer

What is a conveyancer and how it is different from solicitor

Any transaction of the house from the seller to the buyer is known as the conveyancing process. However, this process needs many legal procedures, and these need a legal facilitator. The facilitator should be an authorised person to shoulder the responsibilities to carry out the search, disbursements, registration and of preparation of the contract. Conveyancer is the same legal facilitator. However, that does not entirely answer the question what is a conveyancer? Well, a conveyancer can be a licensed conveyancer or a lawyer who has expertise in the conveyancing process. This is the simplest of the definition one can expect for the conveyancer. However, one may be confused with the fact that how a conveyancer is different from a solicitor. Here are the things that make a conveyancer distinct from the solicitor.

What is a Conveyancer and how they are different from a solicitor?

The solicitor and the conveyancer are often heard together. People often ask what a conveyancer is and what is a solicitor and how are they different? The conveyancer and solicitor are basically the same lawyers or practitioner, but the areas of expertise are different. A conveyancer is also a solicitor, but the area of expertise is limited to the conveyancing. So, when it comes to the conveyancer, then he or she has the knowledge any authorization for the conveyancing. He or she may not help you with any of the other property law if required. The solicitor, on the other hand, can assist you in the property law as well.

The expertise and the knowledge of a solicitor are not defined for conveyancing, and neither is the authorization. In the case of any dispute, arbitration or any other legal complexities, the same solicitor who is taking care of conveyancing can help you. It apparently looks that a lawyer is beneficial than the conveyancer but in reality, the significance of the conveyancer is not less as well.

Significance of the conveyancer

A conveyancer can help you by handling the conveyancing process for the house transfer. They are very much a good choice for the conveyancing process and do an excellent job unless legal complexities appear. But in the case of legal complications in the conveyancing process, one may have to hire a property law solicitor along with the conveyancer. However, the conveyancer is cheaper than the solicitor obviously due to the limited expertise. But the conveyancer is not a bad option either in the United Kingdom for the conveyancing process. If you are short on budget and pretty much sure about the property you are buying from legal and planning aspects than conveyancer is actually preferred over the solicitor.

It is true that a solicitor has versatility and exposure, but the solicitors have higher fees and often the other skills remain unused. Most of the times, the solicitors perform exactly the same thing as the conveyancer does. However, the solicitors can be helpful in case of legal dispute or complexities.

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