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How Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitors convey homes in the UK

Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitors
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Buying a home in Cambridge County is a great deal for first time buyers in the UK. You can buy homes on your own in any good location in the County; however, a senior property lawyer can buy you the perfect home needed for your family in the best locations of the Cambridge County. You should hire local Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitors for your home buying rather than spending your money somewhere else. There are many solicitors firms in the property market of the Cambridge County and each firm provide their best services to their clients. Today, you will learn how a conveyancing solicitor in Cambridge County provides you the home convey services in the County. In addition, you will also learn about the things that you should clarify with the solicitor before availing his/her services.

Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitors help their clients for buying homes in the County

Solicitors represent their clients and safeguard their interest in home buying deals. In the next few headings, people will learn about a few jobs of property lawyers in the Cambridge County.

Property Lawyer Conveyancing Quote

When you approach a solicitor on his/her office, he/she will tell you the conveyancing quote needed for buying the home of your interest.

What is a conveyancing quote and what are the extras in it

Conveyancing Quote

It is a fee solicitor/licensed conveyancer

Extra Costs

Some solicitors might give you cheap conveyancing quotes; the idea is to hide a few extras which should be included in the quotes they represent to the buyers.

Solicitors should give the buyers written Details of all the costs

When buyers hire Cambridge conveyancing solicitors, they must give them written details. Therefore, check whether the solicitor gave all the details of the costs require to buy the home.

Legal Work

The legal work includes preparing the legal papers, draft contract, and exchange of papers between the seller and the buyer.

Draft Contract

Before formal documents are exchanged, the buyer’s solicitor will ask the seller’s solicitor draft contract, such as the title of the property and other standard forms. You have to review and approve the contract to be sent back to the seller. After the seller and the buyer agree on the draft contract, solicitor can perform local authority searches.

Local Authority Searches

Solicitor will submit a form to the local council to carry out a few local searches such as search for land contamination, title search, flood risk, drainage check, environmental check, and local specific searches. Noise could also be a problem; therefore, solicitor will do a basic check whether there is noise pollution surrounding the house.


Solicitor will also help you in acquiring mortgage from the lenders. You can also ask his/her advice on the mortgage package you are buying from the lender or the bank.

Stamp Duty Land Tax/Land Registry

Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitor will pay on your behalf the fee of the land registry and the Stamp Duty Land Tax on the house.

Where to look for the best solicitor in the Cambridge County?

If you are looking for Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitors, you can avail the services of the NBM Group of conveyancing solicitors. They provide the best home buying services to their clients in the UK. For more information, you can contact them through their website or you can mail them your inquiry on any house in the location you want your home in the Cambridge County.

How Cambridge conveyancing solicitors make moving easier.

Cambridge Conveyancing Solicitors
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Did you know that over 40 percent of the population in Cambridge has better and higher education qualification from everywhere else in England? That makes it one of the best places to get an education and live. One of the top 5 top universities in the World, The Cambridge University is located here in Cambridge. It is the oldest English-speaking University and the fourth oldest university of the world. That makes Cambridge one hell of a place to get your education for your family.

If you are planning to move your home to Cambridge or get a property to move there in the future then Cambridge conveyancing solicitors will gladly help you in your moving process. You might not know this but moving from place to place which involves buying and selling properties across England is a long and time-consuming process. There are many legal formalities to complete and checks to be performed. If you were to do it alone without any prior experience you would be causing yourself a lot of stress in a new unfamiliar location. And a mistake would cause more damage than good.

Cambridge Conveyancing solicitors are well acquainted with the legal and other proceedings in the city of Cambridge which makes the legal process go faster and you will have a faster turn-around of the process. We’ve already pointed out Cambridge has one of the highest educated people in England, which is still true with the conveyancing solicitors. They will carefully handle and manage the legal hassle of finding and checking the legal documents for faults on the property. You will be able to rest confidently that the property you are going to buy Is going to be perfect for you to move in.

The workload for a conveyancing solicitor isn’t something to take lightly. Every conveyance process can be a unique and complex process that needs a good amount of experience and also attention to detail. From Newmarket to Haverhill, Cambridge will have different neighbourhood adding to the complexity of the process.

The process starts from making a draft contract including the details of the conveyance including the information about the property, the terms of sale and the sale price that you and the buyer have agreed upon. Once the contract drafts are finalized, the solicitor organizes the property to be searched and surveyed to find any damage and faults. The local authority documents are checked to validate that no future construction plans are waiting to be implemented. This will make sure the home you bought is perfect as you want it to be. Once these survey results are satisfactory, you will be asked to sign the contract to complete the process. After the money is exchanged and you have the key to the home you can comfortably think about moving in any time you wish.

There are various conveyancing solicitor firms in Cambridge. The best bet is to get few conveyancing quotes from the well reputed and experienced solicitor firms. One of the best ways to choose a solicitor is to check if they are members of Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme which guarantee that they have the quality standard practices approved by the Law society.

All you want to know about Conveyancing in Cambridge

Conveyancing Cambridge
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Buying a home in Cambridge is a great idea; the city is well known for its prestigious universities and schools especially the Cambridge University. Education is a key factor for moving to the city of Cambridge. The city is also a great place for tourists to visit historic sites such as the University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, the backs, Parker’s Piece, Botanical Garden etc. Therefore, people shouldn’t hesitate in buying a home in the Cambridge City.

Conveyancing homes in Cambridge

Buying homes require people to hire an expert solicitor or licensed conveyancer. You don’t need to do the legal work by yourself; it will be the conveyancer duty to facilitate you in exchange of property papers and closing the home buying deal on your behalf. In the next heading, you will learn about the conveyancer jobs in detail, i.e., what conveyancers do and how the conveyancing procedure takes place.

Conveyancing explained in details

People can divide Conveyancing into three major stages

Stage 1. Before Conveyancer do the legal Work

Stage 2. Exchange of Papers and Signing

Stages 3. Post Conveyancing Stage

Stage 1. Pre-Conveyancing

Let’s discuss what solicitor or licensed conveyancer will do before the deal is signed between the vendor and the buyer.

Finding a conveyancer

In this step, buyer will argue conveyancing quote from different solicitors/licensed conveyancer in his/her area. If the buyer is satisfied with the conveyancer’s quote, solicitors or licensed conveyancer will demand the buyer’s solicitor/licensed conveyancer to deliver the draft contract papers.

Draft Contract Papers

You have to review the draft papers to understand if the terms and conditions listed in the contract comply with your home buying budget. The papers will be exchanged several times between the vendors and the buyer.

Buyer Agrees to the terms of the Draft Contract

If you agree with the seller’s term listed in the draft contract, the seller will give you the permission to survey the property. In case if you needed a mortgage on the home, you will ask the bank or lender to send their surveyor for property’s evaluation. If the home is eligible for a mortgage, the loan deal will be signed between the buyer and the lender. A home loan will be transferred to your bank account. The fee of telegraphic transfer of the loan has to be paid by the buyer him/herself.

Local authority Search

The solicitor will also ask your permission for local authority searches; it is a great idea to commence the local authority searches. Solicitor/licensed conveyancer will submit a form to the local council asking for the local searches against future planning, land contamination, road construction planning, land drainage, and environmental search.

Stage 2. Exchange of Contracts

Once you have acquired the funds on the house, you will ask your solicitor/licensed conveyancer for the exchange of the deal on the house. Exchange of the deal will be done on the telephone and paper will be transferred on the same date by post.

Conveyancer transfer funds

Buyer’s solicitor or licensed conveyancer will transfer the 10% of the house price using the bank draft to the seller’s account. At this time, the property should be insured to protect the buyer’s money; lenders will also ask you to insure the house before the mortgage is delivered to your account.

Contract Completion

A completion date will be agreed between the buyer and seller, until then the buyer has clear all the remaining funded needed to buy the house. If seller received all the money agreed in the contract, he/she will drop the key at the office of his/her estate agent. You can collect the key at the estate agent’s office. Seller will move out of the property and the home is yours, but there are still a few things needed to do before the property title transferred in your name.

Stage 3: Post Completion

You will be paying the fee of land registry and SDLT (stamp duty land tax). After paying these fees, the house will finally be yours.


Home buying is a complex procedure and it is needed to be done carefully. Any mistake can hurt your money, and you will be legally responsible to pay the price for it. Therefore, you should hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer in Cambridge City for buying your dream home.