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How long does the conveyancing process take?

Conveyancers in CambridgeMany of the experts in England agree that Cambridge conveyancing usually takes a time from 6 to 8 weeks. However, that is not “paper written”, there might be time lags or the process might end sooner than the buyer expected. During the process, the solicitor can face difficulties in communicating with the seller’s solicitor, or seller is expecting a high price from the buyer. People often blame solicitors for delaying the process of home buying. On the contrary, solicitors want the best for their clients; it is in their favour to complete the process sooner than later. If the buyer wants home buying process end successfully, he/she has to trust his/her solicitor. There are a few factors that might become a hurdle in your home buying deals.

Factors that delay home buying deals

There are a few things that a buyer or his solicitor must avoid during their home buying deals; such factors are in the hands of ours, but there are few factors not in our hands, and that happens at the seller’s side of the transaction. People also face difficulties while getting a mortgage from the lenders and that obviously will delay your home buying efforts. Few of the factors that delay the home buying deals are explained as follows:

Selling the previously owned home

A few buyers are also sellers at the same time; people when want to move into a new home, they also have to sell the previously owned properties with a price that can help them in buying their new homes. The higher the sale price, the better will it be for the sellers. A time lag often happens when sellers are not getting the price on the home they expect from the buyer; therefore, they have to wait longer for a better quote.

Getting a mortgage

Many people in England have the idea that, lender will give them pre-approved mortgage or home loan before they actually find a home to buy. Well, it doesn’t happen that way, first buyers have to find a home. Lenders require the home valuation report for the purpose of carrying out the risk analysis and then a formal offer will be issued to the buyers.

Delay in Surveys

A surveyor needed access of the property in order to do a formal evaluation or a complete building survey of the home. Buyers have to discuss with sellers about the time of the survey; after sellers allow the surveyor to access the home, a formal survey can be done on the house. Lack of communication or unresponsive seller might delay the home evaluation and surveys.

Delay in Local Surveys

Local searches are very important in the process of home buying. Local council search is done by sending a search form electronically to the council. However, not all the councils in the UK are electronically reformed or computerized; people sometimes have to do the search manually by visiting the local council. A few searches might take a day or two while other searches may require an entire week.

The Seller is looking for a home to buy

As seller will be moving from his/her property, he/she also needed to buy a new one for his/her living. While the seller looks for a new property, delay might happen in home search in England.

Getting document or information from other bodies or organizations

In home buying deals, buyers needed some document that seller doesn’t have such as the NHBC warranty document for the new built homes in the UK. Such documents will be required from elsewhere or from the bodies other than the seller or his/her solicitor.

Final Words

Cambridge Conveyancing buying services make sure that there will not be unnecessary delays; you should prepare all the documents needed by the solicitor to help you in buying home. He/she will advise you and help you to sort out all the difficulties and hurdles for the best way possible. If the deal is done successfully, everyone will win.

Understanding the concept of Conveyancing in UK

Conveyancing UK PropertyBuying a property in the UK is not that easy and sometimes it confuses buyers while striving to buy a decent residence or a permanent place in any great county of England. Property laws in the UK are very strict; any complication in the transaction may result in losing a great amount of money. The good news is that there are a number of guides available to the buyers for self-conveyancing in the UK. In addition, people working in the property conveyancing business will be able to help you buy a reasonable property in the counties of England.

Definition of Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property from the vendor or seller to the name of the buyer. The definition of conveyancing is simple, “legal thing” in the process is what makes it complicated to the first time buyers of home in England. In order to make simple, people will understand a few legal concepts such as the parties who take part in the transaction, their roles, stages, time taken, and the closing stage of the transaction.

Solicitors or licensed Conveyancers

Property lawyers or Conveyancers are the people who help in buying a property for his client. He/she will provide his services at his/her best to win the best deal for the client in the boundaries defined by laws.


A Conveyancing Solicitor is a person who has a thorough understanding of the principles of law. He/she must have a 4 year degree in law and a six months prior experience of property buying and selling.

Licensed Conveyancer

A Licensed Conveyancer is a person authorized by law to facilitate in the process of home buying or selling for his or her client. He/she has to provide his efforts to his/her best in order to get the maximum benefit for his/her client under the boundaries defined by Law.

Conveyancing quote

A conveyancing quote is an offer by the solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to undertake and facilitate the buyers in home conveyancing. The quote will include the solicitor/license conveyancer services along with the disbursement costs necessary to buy a property in England.

Stages of home buying

Home Convey is a long process; it may take at least two weeks to complete the home buying transaction. It is not just about paying the cost of home and moving into the house. There are several different legal papers needed to be exchanged and searches to be conducted in order to get a good home in England.

Cash payment vs Mortgage

While people can get a mortgage from a buyer or a property finance lender, they also can buy with a cash payment. Buying a property with cash is a very good choice, but care is needed to avoid any kind of mishap in the property transaction. If you are going for a mortgage, several searches and papers needed to be filed in order to get the required cash for the property.

Property Valuation

In order to get a good mortgage deal, a valuation report is required by the mortgage lenders. They will evaluate the property and according to the value of the property, in order to interest their money to the buyer.

Local Searches

You should conduct local searches for any kind of mishap in the near future such as construction planning for motorways, search for the land registry title, water authority searches, and environment research.

Home Survey

Other than property searches, people should conduct searches for any kind of damage to the property and the attached things to the property building. The full structure survey is recommended to find any kind of hidden damages or big fault in the building of the home.

Transfer of Owner

The actual process of conveyancing starts when the legal documents are signed and exchanged by both parties. As the solicitor or a conveyancing lawyer pays the money required to buy the property to the vendor; a 28 day prior notice will be given to the vendor to leave the home so that the new owner of the house finally moves into his ideal home in England.

Land Registry and Stamp duty

The buyer will never truly own the property until he/she pays the tax and the fee on the land registry to the ruling body of the country. After paying the land registry fee and stamp duty, the buyer can now find peace in his/her new home.


Cambridge Conveyancing might seems easy, but care is needed to do complete all of the work. If you conduct all the stages of the property buying with care you can easily do it by yourself, however, if you still find difficulty in performing a convey transaction you had better leave it in the hands of a good solicitor. NBM Law group of solicitor in England will help you find a good looking home in any county of England where your heart lies.